5th International Yale Symposium on Olive Oil & Health

The fifth annual Yale Symposium will draw together a diverse array of individuals sharing a common interest in the olive tree and its products. Participants will include academics, members of professional associations & organizations, growers, producers, buyers, sellers, and other industry and allied-industry representatives. This symposium will focus on current and emerging issues including, but not limited to:

  • Olive oil in public, global and planetary health;
  • Olive and olive oil policies and regulations (both local and global);
  • Olive oil quality, authenticity, chemistry, and testing;
  • Olive oil marketing;
  • Health-related considerations (e.g., nutrition, nutriscore and the Mediterranean diet);
  • The bioeconomy;
  • The circularity and sustainability;
  • Climate change and climate resilience.

The program includes presentations, roundtable discussions, tastings, and social gatherings and is specifically designed to stimulate active participation and to propagate collaboration between participants.

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